Monday, November 30, 2009

Melting Pot presentation day


I really need to improve my presenting skills. I felt "Empty head" when I was presenting and I even couldn't find the words to say. But anyway, overall I think it was alright. It was hard work to be honest. I did a lot of drawings, a lot of developing in order to come up with the final design. However, I think there's a problem with my research. I just have kind of a few pictures for references and inspiration next to my designing pages - while other people have done A LOT of researching. Man! They really did a lot of researching. The tutors said my work is a little random as well as my research is not even close to enough. Ahh.....I don't know how to tell them that my ideas are random themselves, I got them just like BAM! in my head...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Free Gift For All =)

Youth Culture 1st Edition (masih disimpan rapi)
Youth Culture #17
Youth Culture #16
Youth Culture #18 Merdeka Edition
Def Leppard - Adrenalize (copyright 1992)
Oasis (What's the story) Morning Glory? (Copyright 1995)
Nirvana (best compilation) - 2002
ACAB - Eastern Oi! (Copyright 1999)
The Expired (EP Total Fuckin Wankers)
Pearl Jam - Ten (Copyright 1991)

Ni aku ada barang skit nak bagi percuma kat korang utk setiap pembelian...
Ni ada 10 barang iaitu 4 zine + 6 kaset band2 otai...
Bermakna ada 10 hadiah percuma untuk 10 orang pembeli...
Aku saja letak 6 kaset berlainan genre...
Punk + Skinhead + Alternative + Metal + Grunge...
Korang pilih la mana2 yg korang nak...
Aku bagi free je satu sorang...
Sama gak la ngan zine Youth Culture tu...
Sape yang layan Youth Culture tau la apa ada dalam tue...
Cerita pasal Mods, Skinhead, Rudeboys, Punk...
Macam2 la...
Ok selamat!!!

(Suma ni barang2 yg aku layan zaman join grunge dulu...hehehe)

Vintage Camel 3 Kain (SOLD)

Size M @ L
50% Polyester 35% Cotton 15% Rayon
Copyright 1986
Condition A-


Bella in New Moon

So it seems like everyone is crazy about the movie. I haven't seen the new one yet, but I've watched Twilight. It was good. And there's one thing to be noticed, many many girls are starting to dress like Bella. I have noticed this for a long time, that when a movie become really popular, people start to dress like one or a few characters in the movie!

(Gosh, look at her legs! How skinny a model can be??)

Bella's clothes are sort of sporty and simple, though, her long wavy hair still makes she looks feminine. Besides, skinny jeans look girly as well. It's a cool look I think. Me personally don't often dress up that way. Sometimes I feel that I need something quick and convenient, especially on those days when I don't think wearing a skirt in this windy England is a good idea, then I put on my jeans and a few layers of simple shirts. Then just a pair of Converse, maybe a warm hat or a scarf, and I'm good to go.

I remember the time when I was 14 15 something, Mean Girls was out to the cinemas. It was a bomb. Everybody talked about it. Girls started to dress like Katy (or Lindsay Lohan), I was one of them as well. It was huge. At that point I was thinking to myself: If you want to promote a style, make a movie that is going to be #1 on charts, dress up the main character the style you want, and BAM, it's everywhere.

Rush World Tour 2007-2008 (SOLD)

Size L
Copyright 2008
Condition A
Masih segar dari guni...sbab tu bkedut...


Fred Perry - Collar Tee (SOLD)

Size M
Made in Japan
Condition A


Limited & Rare Mickey Mouse 1987 (SOLD)

Size M
Made in USA
Kain 100 lama
single stitch
Condition A
Ada copyright tahun 1987 (gambar no.3)


Muhammad Ali The Greatest (SOLD)

Size L
Made in USA
Kain 100 lama
Single stitch
Condition A


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Van Halen Tour 1984 Jersey (SOLD)

Size M (38-40)
Tag Sport-t by Stedman
Copyright 1984
Kain 50/50
Lengan kaler ungu berpasir...bukan plain hitam
Kolar x kembang...condition macam dalam gambar


Korean Vogue - November issue

If I had money to order 1 I would. I love these pictures. They are a little freaky, but that's why they are so impressive. I often look at fashion photos in order to inspire myself and also to learn from talented stylists. I think styling is an amazing job. They create the soul of photos and clothes. They are style - makers. I think this job is very interesting and challenging. I have read a little bit about styling. There are many kinds of stylists as well, as nowadays everything needs style, from a person to a magazine, a music video, a movie, a photo, everything.

I like the idea of a personal stylist. They are sort of a style coach. They consult people how to dress up, how to look and how to build up a particular image in public in terms of their lifestyle, personality, interests and career goals. They do clothes shopping for their clients as well, as many people really cannot go shopping at all (!). There is a funny quote saying that stylists get paid for spending clients' money. Sounds good to me! Well just kidding. It is hard work. I like the job but I am still not sure I am going on that path in fashion industry, though, it is an option.

Melting Pot's deadline is coming! Better finish the work quickly.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Japanese collection in Asian Fashion Council's ceremony!

Last night in my hometown which is Hanoi, Vietnam, there was a ceremony of Asian Fashion Council celebrating Vietnam becoming the sixth team member. The other 5 are Japan, Korea, Thailand, China and Singapore. At the ceremony, each member presented a collection, not necessarily traditional clothes, but should present something about their culture. And here is Japanese's:

This is so creative I have to say!! Japanese people are very well - known for being creative, obviously. They really DO invent stuff! But sometimes their inventions are just funny! Like this collection. Is it unique? Definitely Yes! Am I going to wear it? Not really, thanks!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Vietnam Collection Grand Prix 2009 Final

Last night, The Vietnam Collection Grand Prix 2009 took place. It is a big competition for young designers and students in Vietnam. There were not only fashion students but also students from different fields such as Fine Arts, Architecture and even Drama! ( I didn't know they could sew that well!)

I like this collection. It looks elegant and unique. However, the men's outfit and the blue just spoiled the whole thing. The men's outfit looks odd in a boring way, and that guy has odd legs as well, makes the trouser looks even worse! About the blue dress, I wish it was gold like the 2 others, or the grey that is on top of the other one. I know they are the same fabric, but the difference between the colours just make it looks separate and not like a collection.

This one is impressive. Me personally don't use a lot of details on my designs, but this collection is very nice. The point is that the designer know how to put details together, and they have a good eye for colours as well. This collection is very different, in a great way. If I was the judge, I would give this one the highest score.

I like this outfit. The designer has a really creative way of playing with different materials. I think it brings out clearly the theme of the collection and the message of it.

Seems like collection of a Harajuku lover here. This is more like my style. Looks cute.

This is the winer. I like the patterns and the way he puts colours together. The shape is very sculpture as well. Personally I wouldn't mark this first place though. The shape is just not my type.